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  • Why won’t my furnace pilot light?

    There are a variety of issues that may cause your pilot light to go out or simply not light at all. One culprit may be a faulty thermocouple. The thermocouple detects the heat produced by the pilot light. This characteristic serves as an excellent safety feature and was designed to slow down the flow of gas to the system when the thermocouple senses the pilot light is out. Another possible culprit is a blocked pilot tube. If simple cleaning doesn’t resolve the issue, it’s time to schedule a professional inspection and repair services. ....

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  • Why is my HVAC system leaking?

    In some cases, you may notice dripping from your air conditioner. This may be caused by a variety of issues including dirty filters, clogged condensate line, or ice formation on the evaporator coils. Your furnace is also susceptible to water leaks. There are a wide range of parts within the furnace that may crack or malfunction that will result in water leaks. If you are experiencing leaks from either your air conditioning unit or your furnace, it’s essential to schedule a professional inspections and repair services. ....

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  • When should my HVAC system be replaced?

    With proper maintenance and care, your HVAC system should provide reliable performance for 10-15 years. In some cases, early replacement is necessary if there is a major breakdown, improper sizing, or sub-par installation. Is routine HVAC maintenance worth the cost? Proactive and preventative HVAC maintenance is an excellent way to preventbreakdowns, malfunctions, and damage that can be incredibly expensive to repair. This initial HVAC maintenance cost is asmall investment to ensure superior and reliable performance, and well worth the cost ....

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  • What causes my air conditioner to freeze up?

    There are a couple of reasons your air conditioner is freezing up. The first possible cause is from blocked air flow. If the air flow is restricted, usually caused by a dirty air filter. This will allow the condensate on the coil will freeze. Another possible cause is a refrigerant leak in your HVAC system. If this is the case, your HVAC professional will be able to determine if an air conditioner replacement is your best option. ....

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  • Why is my HVAC system making strange noises?

    There are a number of sounds that your HVAC can make that are indicative of potential problems. Here’s what some of the most common sounds your HVAC system can make and what they may be trying to tell you. Squealing or screeching —These strange sounds may indicate an issue with the blower motor. Issues may include a defective or broken belt or motor bearing issues. Rattles, clanking, and banging —These sounds are generally indicative of a problematic blower assembly or motor. These sounds are generated when an internal part becomes loose, breaks, or disconnects completely. You should turn the power off to the entire system and schedule repair services as soon as ....

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    Without regularly scheduled care, cooling and heating systems experience rapid declines in energy efficiency and performance. Before you know it, you’re spending more on monthly utility bills for a less effective system. By keeping system components in top-notch condition, heating and AC maintenance will save you money in every season. There’s a host of additional benefits to enjoy as well, including: Add Years of Life to Your HVAC systemsAvoid Unexpected Repairs CostsAvert Sudden BreakdownsPrevent Indoor Air PollutionMaintain Comfortable Temperatures and Humidity LevelsCompliance With Manufacturer Warranty Requirements 3 LEVELS OF PROTECTION TO FIT YOUR NEEDS SAFETY ....

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  • 3 Ways to Save on Summer Cooling

    3 Ways to Save on Summer Cooling

    While temperatures outside are soaring as we move into the heat of summertime , you may be sweating how you’re going to deal with those ever-growing utility bills. While you may want to beat the summer heat by revving up your air conditioner, that can lead to skyrocketing energy bills. Here are three ways to save on summer cooling around northern Virginia & Eastern Panhandle. Get a Smart Thermostat One of the best ways to save on monthly utility costs is to have a smart thermostat installed in your home. These thermostats are controlled by your phone or mobile device and allow you to control your home’s temperature from wherever you are. Turn the temperature in your ....

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  • Why Is My Thermostat Blank?

    Why Is My Thermostat Blank?

    We run our air conditioning almost all year around, so we know the horrible feeling you get when it starts to get even a little bit warmer in your home. Have you ever gone to the thermostat to lower the temperature and the screen is blank!? AC’s have many components that make this modern comfort work. We hope to give you a few explanations of why these pesky things happen. Batteries
    One simple answer is that your batteries need to be changed. Time to venture on over to the trusty drawer of everything and look for 2 new AAA or AA batteries for the thermostat! There is a chance this simple solution will get your air conditioning blowing cool again. **Not all thermostats use ....

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  • Cool Down the Cost of Running Your Air Conditioning

    Cool Down the Cost of Running Your Air Conditioning

    Cool Down the Cost of Running Your Air Conditioning with these Tips from Cool Depot Temperatures are on the rise which tends to make people turn down their thermostat to stay cool. However, your electrical bill will go up, making it a mini monthly mortgage payment for some if you don’t get your cooling cost under control. The good news is that by following some practical tips at home, you can stay cool, save money and even help the environment. Here are a few cool tips and energy-saving ideas to consider: Upgrading your system: An Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling unit can have a big effect on your utility bills—and your comfort—year-round. Some of the most ....

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  • Summertime is Maintenance Time for Your Air Conditioner

    Summer is almost here and with record breaking heat temperatures right around the corner, waiting until last minute to have your air conditioner serviced may not be the best idea. Getting a technician to come out during their busiest time of the year if your AC goes out may take a while which is why we suggest having your air conditioner maintained twice a year. Regular servicing of you AC will save you time, money, and lots of headaches in the future. There is some maintenance you can do by yourself such as making sure your filters are always clean, trimming all bushes way from the unit, and ensuring that not a lot of debris can get into your unit from above. You should be changing your ....

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